Hassan Waddimba

Founder & Team Leader

Hassan is a programs specialist with 7 years of experience in disability rights and gender equality advocacy, facilitation, organizational development, and sustainability. He is an expert mentor, project manager, and committed to empowering young people, women, and people with disabilities to engage fully in equal governance and society. Hassan is also very experienced at writing policy papers and conducting capacity training for individuals and groups on sustainability, inclusion, advocacy, and strategic planning. Hassan is an alum of the U.S. Department of State Professional Fellows Program on Inclusive Disability Employment, and the United Nations University Gender Equality Studies and Training (UNU-GEST) Programme. He holds a postgraduate diploma in International Gender Studies from the University of Iceland, and a Bachelor of Science in Development Economics from Muteesa I Royal University. Hassan is a 2022 Swedish Institute Scholar for a MSc. in Leadership for Sustainable Development (Economics) at Sodertorn University in Stockholm.

  • Working Area: Uganda, Africa
  • Nationality Uganda