The Voice Fellowship is an innovative, cross-cultural, six-months program that seeks to provide mentorship, networking, and guidance for emerging leaders in Uganda to play an active role in addressing community challenges. Voice Fellows work with a mentor to design and implement projects that seek to develop an advanced understanding of community challenges and the effectiveness of interventions by stakeholders to address such challenges.

Voice Fellows receive tailored coaching and trainings to promote peer-to-peer learning and exchanges among participants. Selected fellows  work independently with minimum supervision to determine approaches relevant to the implementation of their projects. Fellows gain knowledge of participatory research and documentation, public education and behavioural change practices, networking, and innovative strategies to address systemic and institutional challenges in their communities. Fellows also gain leadership development experience, resource mobilization skills, and enhance their capacity to establish and implement clear plans, processes, and procedures within a community and organization.

Fellows are responsible for coordinating activities to implement and manage learning projects across thematic areas that support the mission of the organization. During the six months, Voice Fellows, among other things:

Logo of Voice Fellowship.
  • Create resources and knowledge about a selected thematic area in multiple formats through traditional research and virtual & interactive informational initiatives.
  • Facilitate dialogues and discussions with stakeholders related to the thematic area.
  • Collaborate with other like-minded organizations and individuals acting upon the selected thematic area.
  • Engage in design of programs and project proposals to donors.